we are here for women in tech

In this fast-pacing world we need smart Tech solutions. To design and make them, we need innovative, strong and creative teams. Research shows that diverse teams perform better. However, only 16% of the people working in Tech in the Netherlands are female...   

Role It Out is on a mission to inspire more women to choose for a career in tech. And the way we do this is through the Power of Role Models!

We are a Role Model Agency, for women who already work in Tech. We help them to become successfull and effective Role Models, so...

together we Inspire more women to choose a career in Tech!​

How it works 

Women who already work in Tech can sign-up for our Role Model Program

First, you will get professional skill trainings, with an extensive 'follow-up' program

Next, you join our Community of Role Models

You are ready to inspire different generations of women, with your story on different platforms. You are ready to Role It Out

What does it cost?

Every company that signs up a Role Model will pay a fixed contribution for the Role Model Program. Role It Out is a non-profit organization.  The costs for participating in the Role It Out Program are mainly for the professional skill training program we provide.

For every Role Model, we provide: